December 10, 2023

Missing Northland tropical parrot thought to be found in east Auckland, 257km away from home

Pablo the macaw.

A tropical parrot from Northland has done a disappearing act, but Pablo the macaw may have been located more than 200 kilometres south. 

East Aucklanders have converged on Pigeon Mountain to see if they can entice Pablo back down. 

The much-loved macaw is thought to be missing up a mountain, the perhaps aptly-named Pigeon Mountain in Auckland’s east to be exact, some 257 kilometres south of Russell, Pablo’s hometown. 

“I just really hope they find the bird, and that it’s safe,” searcher Jewel Turinsky told Newshub. 

“[I hope that] it’s not too distressed, and that it’s returned to them.”

Three-year-old Pablo has become a popular parrot online.

The latest post called for silence, not squawking, as more macaws arrived so their calls could woo Pablo down the hill.

“It’s been pretty extraordinary, and I’ve been following it,” continued Turinsky. “I just really hope they find the bird.”

There have been several sightings of the yellow-blue bird around the mountain recently.

“People around the neighbourhood have been saying when they spot him,” said onlooker Selena Donaldson. 

“And from what I understand, people have been able to build up a picture of where he’s going, and what his habits are.”

Locals have pulled out all the stops, skewering Pablo’s favourite dinner – chunky dog roll – on sticks nearby.

“We just really feel for them,” continued Donaldson. “We have a bird ourselves, and if we lost him we’d be devastated.”

On Sunday night, the search to bring Pablo home continues.

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