May 29, 2023

Foster believed to be ‘frustrated’ with ABs head coach process – report

Foster believed to be 'frustrated' with ABs head coach process - report

Crusaders coach Scott Robertson caught the attention of a nation on Wednesday as he dropped an intriguing hint about his future with the All Blacks.

Robertson, who is believed to be among the favourites for the All Blacks’ top job, said the New Zealand Rugby Union could make an announcement “in the next few days.”

Suddenly, any and all rumours were sent in overdrive. Six-time Super Rugby winning coach Robertson had just dropped an All Blacks coaching bombshell.

The comments certainly caught the rugby community off guard, including the NZRU and current coach Ian Foster.

In response to Robertson’s claim, the NZRU released a statement saying an announcement “about the All Blacks Head Coach or process is not imminent.”

Interesting. In some ways, this only added more fuel to the fire.

As for current All Blacks coach Ian Foster, he’s believed to be “frustrated” with the process ahead of this year’s Rugby World Cup in France.

According to 1News, the veteran coach was also “surprised” with the comments made by a smiling Scott Robertson in Christchurch.

While the All Blacks and NZRU are steeped in tradition, they’re set to steer clear of this ahead of the sport’s most prestigious event.

It’s been widely reported that the NZRU will appoint Foster’s successor for 2024 and beyond ahead of the tournament in France.

NZ Herald scribe Gregor Paul described the process as “stunningly disrespectful.”

“If they’re doing the process now, as they seem committed to be, no (Foster will not be re-appointed),” Paul said on Weekend Sport with Jason Pine.

“His record today is not outstanding, and I think even he would admit that… That’s unlikely to convince anyone, at this stage, that they want to push on with that.

“There’s obviously been a little feeling of public discontent, media discontent, with the way the team’s performed.

“If you’re going to do the process now over the next few weeks, I can’t see it.

“I think it’s a stunningly disrespectful way to treat the incumbent coaching group.

“That group will never be taken seriously. What they really need is to go to the World Cup and be judged on that.

“It’s weird because the board backed them in August last year… now we’re effectively going to look at that group and cut them off in the next six weeks.”

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