June 4, 2023

‘Effing useless’: Chch teen spends hours waiting for bus after priority given to cruise ship passengers

Ihorangi Reweti Peters on AM.

A Christchurch teen had to spend hours waiting for a bus because priority had been given to cruise ship passengers. 

Ihorangi Reweti Peters was trying to get home to Lyttelton from the CBD on Saturday when he was forced to queue with tourists.

Reweti Peters said the situation wasn’t fair.

“Normally, what happens is locals get priority to board the bus and I went to the front of the queue and said I’m a local – and they said, ‘Sorry, you have to go to the back of the queue because we can’t discriminate against cruise ship passengers,'” Reweti Peters told AM. 

He said locals were annoyed about the situation.

“There were many cruise ship passengers and I waited 2.5 hours to get back home… after I’d done a shift at work.

“I was frustrated and very tired, and just wanted to get home.”

Reweti Peters said it’s time more buses were put on to accommodate the extra passengers.

“It is a mess,” he said, describing Environment Canterbury – which operates Christchurch’s buses – as “effing useless”.

“Locals should get priority because we just want to get home and I don’t see… why cruise ship passengers don’t want to dish up an extra $50 to get their own shuttle or $45 for a taxi.”

Environment Canterbury has been contacted for comment.

Eighty-five cruise ships are set to sail into Christchurch’s Lyttelton this season, which finishes in April. 


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