June 4, 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle: Kumeū, Auckland, homes flooded, residents not able to get to work as daylight reveals dark, muddy flooding

Watch: Flood waters stream at speed down on Kumeū road.

Kumeū homes are flooded, residents aren’t able to get to work and a local gym says they’re “devastated” after only just recovering from Auckland’s recent flooding. 

Cyclone Gabrielle has caused destruction and devastation across the North Island and the small Auckland suburb of Kumeū has felt it too. 

Fit Factory Kumeū has been forced to close its flooded gym after floodwaters reached knee height.

Fit Factory gym manager Jeremy Chou-lee told Newshub the gym just had its carpet replaced following Auckland’s recent flooding, but Chou-lee says the new carpet will have to be ripped up and replaced again. 

“The boss is pretty devastated.”

Chou-lee said he and gym staff worked over the weekend to prepare for Cyclone Gabrielle in hopes “the clean up this time will be a lot quicker”.

And while the flooding isn’t as bad in Kumeū as the most recent one. Pictures provided to Newshub by Paws – Restart shows dark, muddy floodwaters covering surrounding roads and the backyard of one home. 

Employees at TowEzy Trailers aren’t able to reach their workshop because of a number of downed trees in their driveway. In a Facebook post, TowEzy says they are without power too “so we will not be able to open today”. 

Video captured by Newshub shows a significant amount of surface flooding streaming at speed on one road in Kumeū. 

Kumeū Emergency Network is urging residents to not travel if it’s not vital.

The emergency network said on Facebook there are slips over Kumeū, Huapai and Taupaki. 

“Be careful of slips and trees.”

Further north in Parakai trees have been uprooted, fences destroyed and surrounding paddocks are looking a lot like a lake.

Pictures provided to Newshub show the sheer strength of the wind produced by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Large trees have fallen and solid wooden fences have been pulled out from the ground. The front door of one home has been whipped and covered in leaves.

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