October 3, 2023

Watch: Footage shows extent of Muriwai slips, damage from Cyclone Gabrielle

Watch: New footage shows the extent of the damage in Muriwai from Cyclone Gabrielle.

New footage has laid bare the extent of damage to homes in Muriwai after the area was battered by Cyclone Gabrielle. 

Muriwai was hit hard by the cyclone on Monday night with more than 200 people being evacuated and two firefighters being trapped in a collapsed house. 

“We heard this almighty – trees, branches, earth moving and the house had been flattened,” resident Brendan Christensen told Newshub.

“It’s horrendous. We’ve got some good friends who are [affected and] not doing well at all. Yep, it’s heavy.”

The firefighters became trapped when a landslide caused a house they were investigating on Motutara Road to collapse. 

Now new footage shows the extent of the damage in Muriwai. The video shows a huge section of a cliff has collapsed onto houses below. Shattered remains of buildings are strewn across the area along with trees and other debris. 

Watch the full video above.

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