December 10, 2023

Mother and daughter among neo-Nazi protesters in Florida who harassed Jewish residents

neo- NAZI'S approached a Jewish person as they were trying to drive away.

Warning: Details in this article may be distressing for some readers.

A group of Neo-Nazis in Florida yelled “Heil Hitler” and harassed Jewish residents during staged protests during the weekend.

It comes only a week after the US Department of Justice announced a man in Los Angeles allegedly shot two Jewish people on their way out of synagogues, leaving them both with gunshot wounds.

Anti-Semitic crimes have heightened in the US recently and have only worsened over the past week, with the Goyim Defense League, which is widely described as a hate group, displaying propaganda, staging protests and harassing Jewish people.

In December last year, The White House raised alarm about the rise in anti-Semitic violence across the US, warning of an “epidemic of hate”.

In a video posted to social media, the founder of the neo-Nazi group, John Minadeo, is heard shouting, “Heil Hitler, Jew,” to a man walking near a Jewish community centre. 

One group member even brought her two children along to get involved.

Group members displayed horrific signs of propaganda and harassed pedestrians and vehicles through a megaphone.

“You look like a horse, look at the horse face on this Jew,” he yelled at a man in his car. 

“Are you Jewish? Leave our country [and] go back to Israel,” Minadeo said to the man in the vehicle.

Another vehicle was approached by the neo-Nazi group in the video, with the driver attempting to run over the group after being verbally harassed. 

“Look at this Jewish neurotic Rabbi trying to run us over,” Minadeo yelled in the video.

Minadeo has previously been arrested for displaying an anti-Semetic banner at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland in early February.

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