December 10, 2023

Watch: Bizarre optical illusion at NZ Open stumps fans on social media

Shae Wools-Cobb.

Australian golfer Shae Wools-Cobb’s remarkable shot at the NZ Open has stumped social media, with fans struggling to grasp the reality of it.

Wools-Cobb looked to have botched his shot, with the ball bouncing off to the side just a few metres in front, before the camera cut to a high-flying drive that landed near the green.

He immediately motioned his confusion, before realising what had just occurred – there was another ball hiding in the tall grass.

Wools-Cobb had struck both balls simultaneously, with officials unable to detect the stray previously, as newly implemented rules spared their blushes.

Guidelines state that because Wools-Cobb had intended to hit his actual ball, he can’t be penalised for also striking another one.

But the incident did make for a surreal optical illusion, with fans taking to social media to express their disbelief and share their own accounts of similar experiences.

Wools-Cobb may have finished tied for 26th, eight shots off the eventual winner, but his stunning shot captured the attention globally.

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