December 10, 2023

‘May have serious or fatal medical consequences’: Kiwis warned beer cans could contain meth

The specific drink is called 'Honey Bear House Beer' and is packaged in a distinctive blue and red aluminium can.

Police are warning Kiwis about distinctive beer cans that could be contaminated with methamphetamine and urging people not to drink from them. 

Detective Inspector Chris Barry said on Saturday evening the specific drink is called ‘Honey Bear House Beer’ and is packaged in a distinctive blue and red aluminium can. 

Barry added this shipment contained 473ml cans with a picture of a red bear.

“We are advising anyone in possession of these cans that there is a risk they could be contaminated with methamphetamine,” Barry said.

“Consuming beer contaminated with methamphetamine may have serious or fatal medical consequences.” 

The news comes as Auckland Police continue to investigate an importation of methamphetamine into New Zealand contained in cans of beer.

Barry said they believe the beer is not available for purchase in New Zealand and there are no other brands involved in this shipment.

“Police believe it is unlikely that any cans from this shipment have been sold over the counter or online, however part of the shipment may have been given away or passed on between associates,” Barry said. 

Barry asks anyone who might have a can of ‘Honey Bear House Beer’ to not drink it and contact police. 

“Please contact Police immediately by phoning our 105 phone service quoting the file number 230310/6793,” Barry said.

“We also ask anyone that might have further information regarding the product to also contact Police on 105 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

The investigation is continuing but police said their focus is on making sure Kiwis don’t consume the beverage. 

It’s anticipated further investigation updates may be available in the coming days.

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