December 8, 2023

‘I freaked out’: Driver ‘shaken’ after man walks down middle of Auckland road smashing wing mirrors

Watch: The man was smashing wing mirrors while walking on the road.

A man is “shaken” after someone smashed his wing mirror in while he was driving through the intersection near Mt Albert Pak’n Save in Auckland.

On Thursday at around 7:08am, Andrew Ryu was driving in Mt Albert and was waiting for the cars in front of him when he noticed something “quite unusual.”

Ryu told Newshub “I thought we were waiting for a pedestrian” when a man came through the middle of the road and started smashing people’s wing mirrors.

“I would say at least 20 cars had their wing mirrors smashed in.”

Ryu said the man in the middle of the road was smashing people’s wing mirrors in on both the left and right-hand side of him.

In the video Ryu sent to Newshub, one car swerved out of the man’s way to avoid having his mirror smashed in.

Ryu said the man smashing the mirrors looked “angry” as he approached his car.

“I freaked out. I couldn’t do anything,” Ryu told Newshub.

He said he was happy his partner wasn’t in the car with him because it was very scary.

“From the front to the back. He smashed both sides of the [wing] mirror,” Ryu said.

He said he was lucky because his wing mirror was only a “little bit wobbly” and hadn’t completely fallen off.

“There was glass shattered everywhere around me and some of the cars near me their whole side mirror came off.”

When Newshub spoke to him on Thursday afternoon he said “I am still shaken” several hours after the whole ordeal.

A police spokesperson told Newshub they had received multiple reports of a man damaging cars on Auckland’s New North Road at around 7:30am on Thursday.

“The man was arrested at the scene and charged with a number of offences including wilful damage and breach of bail,” the police spokesperson said.

He is set to appear in the Auckland District Court on Thursday.

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