November 30, 2023

Raw Politics: Goodbye Jacinda, hello recession?

Raw Politics: Goodbye Jacinda, hello recession?

In episode 2 of Raw Politics, we dissect Jacinda Ardern’s final farewell from Parliament, the Reserve Bank’s hawkish interest rate move and the gentle crackdown on lobbyists.

Every Friday, Jo Moir, Sam Sachdeva and Tim Murphy talk through the big issues and scrutinise politicians’ performances in a lively 25-minute show aiming to take viewers and listeners inside the actions and motivations of our elected leaders.

Raw Politics will answer audience questions and the panelists will recommend high impact political reading, listening and viewing for your weekend.

Moir is Newsroom’s political editor, having been in the gallery for eight years also with Stuff and RNZ, Sachdeva is our national affairs editor, former political editor and was a Stuff political writer and Murphy is Newsroom’s co-editor, a former member of the Parliamentary press gallery and former editor-in-chief of the NZ Herald,

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