December 8, 2023

Witness says hundreds were ‘drinking and causing riot’ in Hamilton overnight, warns another event planned

Watch: Person smashing a CCTV camera.

A witness of a mass gathering in Hamilton overnight involving street racing and burnouts said there were hundreds of people “drinking and causing riot”.

In a statement, police said they were called to Pardoa Blvd, Chartwell after reports of vehicles driving dangerously, multiple vehicles doing burnouts, anti-social behaviour and a person firing a paintball gun at a CCTV camera.

In a video supplied to Newshub, a person can be seen smashing a CCTV camera near a traffic light.

Officers were deployed but by the time they got there, the group had fled the scene.

A short time later near Collins and Ohaupo Rds, a man was assaulted and left with injuries after confronting the group. The group then stole his vehicle.

Others involved then fled to Airport Rd where police were able to disperse the group without further issue upon arrival. The remaining few went to Te Rapa Rd where they allegedly blocked the road with their vehicles and again, city cameras were shot at with a paintball gun.

A person, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Newshub their friend witnessed the chaos and told them the police were heavily outnumbered with around eight police cars attending the riot of about 300 people.

“The police response was rather amusing to the other boy racers,” the friend told them. “They could have blocked everyone in but seemed to be scared of us.”

They also said the event was planned on Snapchat and widely known about for over a week, with another one planned to take place.

A police spokesperson said a significant amount of resources were deployed into the area to deal with the “criminal and anti-social behaviour committed by those that engage in illegal street racing”. 

Overall, four arrests were made, 37 infringements were issued and one vehicle was impounded.

Investigations into the assault on Collins and Ohaupo Rds are ongoing, and police urge anyone with information to contact them and reference file number 230415/6650.

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