December 10, 2023

Whirl no more: Four vandals snap capital’s Len Lye water sculpture in half

"Four individuals were involved at roughly midnight on Saturday night."

Wellington’s famous Len Lye Water Whirler sculpture has been snapped in half by four vandals at the weekend. 

A Wellington City Council spokesperson said its security team “identified an act of vandalism”.

“Four individuals were involved at roughly midnight on Saturday night.”

The spokesperson said the four individuals were seen leaving the broken sculpture heading north past the TSB arena.

Wellington City Council is working on reporting the incident to police.

“We will also work with the Wellington Sculpture Trust and our insurance assessors to start a discussion regarding the process of restoring the public art asset.”

It’s not the first time the sculpture has faced terror. In 2018 Hunter Macdonald climbed the wand until it bent over and snapped. 

The Water Whirler sculpture cost about $300,000 at the time of installation in 2006. 

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