December 11, 2023

‘Disgusting’: Student suspended after committing indecent act in university library

The University of Waikato confirmed the student involved in the indecent act has been identified and suspended.

A student has been caught committing an indecent act in the University of Waikato’s main library, sparking an investigation into the offence.

The student has been suspended while the university looks into the act which has been labelled as “disgusting” by the perpetrators’ peers.

A video of the offence began circulating among students last week.

A third-year student at the university told the NZ Herald the act was “disgusting” and that she felt sick from watching it.

“I would say every other student I know is probably seen the video by [Sunday] because it’s just been getting sent around to everyone because it’s just so, so shocking that no one would have expected it at all,” she told the outlet.

“If he was happy to do it just out in the open, like you don’t know how when he’s done it, if he’s done it again, if he’s done it multiple times if he’s done it once he’s going to do it again.”

A University of Waikato spokesperson confirmed to Newshub the student involved in the indecent act has been identified and suspended from accessing university facilities while the matter is investigated through its disciplinary process.

“Due to the open nature of the computer labs in the Library we do not know the details of others who were present at the time,” the spokesperson said.

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