December 10, 2023

Revealed: The truth behind ‘Need a car? “Date” our son’ ads appearing in NZ

Revealed: The truth behind 'Need a car? "Date" our son' ads appearing in NZ

A new advertisement seemingly offering a car in exchange for dating someone’s son is actually part of the marketing campaign for a new movie.

Strange billboards started appearing in the United States earlier this year and now posters have also arrived in New Zealand.

Appearing on the streets of Auckland recently, the advertisement begins: “Need a car? ‘Date’ our son’.”

“He’s smart but socially very shy. ‘Date’ him and bring him out of his shell. In exchange we’ll give you a free car!”

Also included is a website for “serious inquiries only”, as well as a QR code. But both of these direct users to the official New Zealand website for the new movie No Hard Feelings.

It stars Jennifer Lawrence as an Uber driver named Maddie who loses her car and therefore her income. She then responds to an ad from concerned parents who promise a Buick Regal to someone willing to date their introverted son.

The campaign was spotted by one person in New Zealand who asked on Twitter what people thought of it. The poster was labelled by one person as “clever”, although another called it “desperate”.

No Hard Feelings is released in New Zealand on June 22.

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