November 29, 2023

‘Too pretty to rob’: Man asks woman on date after robbing her at gunpoint

The offender forced the woman to add him on Facebook.

In a shocking turn of events, an armed robber has allegedly asked his victim out on a date after mugging her at gunpoint.

The offender forced the woman to add him on Facebook where he later told her she was “too pretty to rob” and asked her to “come chill”. 

Amber Beraun, from Indianapolis, was checking her mailbox last month when she was approached by a man who pulled a gun out at her.

“He took it out of his pocket to show me what was going on – let me into your house. I did not do that,” Beraun told local news outlet WRTV.

“He really tried to rob me of my own things, but he took away my sense of safety from my own home.”

Beraun refused to let him into the house and instead forked out $100 in cash to the man – but that is not all he wanted.

The court documents said the offender, identified as Damien Boyce, then told her to add him on Facebook.

“I thought if maybe I added him on Facebook, he would leave and he did,” Beraun said.

After Boyce left he messaged her on the social media platform telling her she was “too pretty to rob” and that he would pay her back the money he stole. He also asked her to “come chill”.

Boyce was charged in the armed robbery last week and was held on a $7500 bond.

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