November 29, 2023

‘Incredibly sad’: Tragic pictures of double fatal Hamilton crash made Mayor ‘cringe’

The fiery crash took place on one of Hamilton's busiest intersections.

Warning: The video in this story contains material that may upset some viewers.

Hamilton’s Mayor says pictures from the tragic double fatal crash on Sunday made her “cringe” and “feel incredibly sad for the occupants” of the vehicle.

Two people died in the fiery collision with a truck on Sunday. In an update to Newshub on Monday morning Waikato Hospital said the two other occupants are in critical condition in its intensive care unit.

Mayor Paula Southgate told AM it’s “always tragic” when these kinds of major crashes take place and “people’s hearts go out to all of those involved”.

“There are many victims in that. The two that died. Of course, the truck driver who will be going through his own trauma, those that are fighting for their lives or getting better in hospital.”

Southgate said the emergency service workers who put their lives on the line to save the occupants of the vehicles are victims of this crash too.

“Every single day, emergency workers up and down the country put their lives at risk to help others.”

She told AM’s Laura Tupou Aotearoa “should be grateful” for all our emergency services.

“Because every day, somewhere an emergency service person is putting their life at risk to help others.”

Southgate said she has a “very good and open relationship” with the local police and is still awaiting further detail on the tragedy.

She did say one thing is clear “cars that come into accidents with trucks do not do very well”.

“We’ve seen those terrible pictures. I mean, those pictures made me cringe and they made me feel incredibly sad for the occupants of that vehicle.”

The crash, which took place at the intersection near Ulster St is one of Hamilton’s busiest intersections. Southgate had a message to her community.

“We have to drive with care, drive at the right speeds, keep alert and keep an eye out around big supermarkets and other industrial areas because there will be trucks delivering from time to time.”

Watch the video above for more.

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