November 30, 2023

‘Dumb ass’: Influencer reveals shocking texts from 12yo millionaire daughter

Jacenko, 43, became known as Australia's 'PR Queen' after founding leading public relations company, Sweaty Betty, when she was just 24.

Australian businesswoman Roxy Jacenko has shared a series of shocking texts in which her daughter, 12-year-old child millionaire Pixie Rose Curtis, called her “stupid” and a “dumb ass” while demanding a list of presents.

Jacenko, 43, became known as Australia’s ‘PR Queen’ after founding the leading public relations company, Sweaty Betty, when she was just 24. The agency went on to represent more than 70 clients including Peugeot and Coles Supermarkets, with Jacenko herself later making the final of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2013. 

Her 12-year-old daughter Pixie – whom she shares with businessman Oliver Curtis – has since followed in her mother’s entrepreneurial footsteps, becoming a child millionaire by selling fidget spinners and hair bows. Guided by her famous momager, the pre-teen has also landed a brand deal with the popular Australian hair tool business, Mermade Hair, amassed more than 138,000 followers on Instagram, and is the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz – despite not being able to drive yet. 

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Jacenko shared a small but shocking insight into the dynamic between her and her daughter, uploading screenshots of their text conversations to her Story for her 266,000 followers to see.

In the screenshot, Jacenko asked Pixie what she wanted her to bring back from Los Angeles, with the 12-year-old sending back a long list of demands that included “Glossier mascara”, “Aquaphor” and clothing from Urban Outfitters. 

“Okay so what I want is: Glossier mascara, Aquaphore [sic] stick probs will be in target, Go for Gold top in shot [sic] sleeve and long sleeve from urben [sic] outfitters, Aviatior [sic] nation track suit, and I’m still looking so give me a sec many thanks,” Pixie said.

“Got it,” Jacenko replied, before asking Pixie what an “Aquaphore stick” was, joking that it sounded “rude”.

“No look. Dumb a**,” the 12-year-old wrote back, sending her mother a picture of the Aquaphor product in question.

“It’s lip balm. Stupido,” Pixie added, to which her mum replied jovially: “Maybe it’s your excellent spelling. I’ll make it happen. As usual.”

“Specific. Very specific,” Jacenko captioned the image, tagging her young daughter.

In another screenshot, Jacenko shared a conversation between her and Pixie on Instagram after she uploaded a snap of her lounging by the pool during her Los Angeles holiday. 

“No time for resting. Get shopping for my stuff, thanks,” the pre-teen replied to the pic, to which Jacenko responded: “Omg I love you. You are 100% my child. Don’t worry I’m not resting. I’m working, just on my back.”

Earlier this year, the momager announced that her daughter will be “semi-retiring” so she can focus on her schooling, adding: “Pixie has decided to hang her online toy store shoes up to focus on her impending entry into high school.”

According to reports, in May 2022 Pixie’s line of fidget spinners generated AU$200,000 in revenue in their first month of sales in Australia, with Jacenko telling her daughter during an interview that she’ll be able to “retire at 15, the way you’re going”.

In May, the 12-year-old millionaire revealed to that she plans to take a step back from her empire so she can focus on her schooling, noting: “Now I am in Year 6, there are a lot more commitments and homework that also needs to be completed.”

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