November 29, 2023

Kiwi woman turns chip packets into blankets for homeless

Watch: The Project spoke to Terrena Griffiths from the Chip Packet initiative.

A Kiwi woman has been turning trash into taonga, fusing plastic chip packets together to make blankets for rough sleepers.

When you finish a packet of chips on a Friday evening, you probably just chuck your empty packet into the rubbish bin.

But The Project spoke to Terrena Griffiths from the Chip Packet, who has a much better idea of what to do with the packets than simply throwing them in the rubbish.

The Chip Packet organisation collects plastic single-use chip packets, irons the pieces together into blankets and then donates them to people in need.

The Project co-host Jeremy Corbett asked about the whole process.

“It’s not an ironing process, it’s a fusion process,” Griffiths told The Project.

“I have a very interesting piece of equipment here that might look like an iron, but honestly, it is a foil fusion device.”

She says it’s a simple “zip zip” with baking paper.

“That’s all it takes to fuse the pieces of foil together.”

Griffiths said they work alongside organisations that help the homeless.

“Well, we’ve given this a bit of a go for 12 months to see what the reaction in New Zealand was going to be because it is really bizarre. And they have been seen as a huge taonga out on the street and it’s fantastic.”

She’s not advocating for more chip-eating.

“But it takes 25 family-sized pancakes to make one blanket.”

Watch the full interview above.

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