December 11, 2023

New Ferry Operator, Island Direct, Set to Disrupt Auckland-Waiheke Route

New Ferry Operator, Island Direct, Set to Disrupt Auckland-Waiheke Route

A new dawn breaks over the glistening waters of Auckland as a nascent ferry operator, Island Direct, prepares to set sail next month, promising a fresh gust of wind in the world of maritime commuting. Auckland and Waiheke Island, bound by the picturesque Hauraki Gulf, will witness not just a new service but an emerging competitor in the ferry market, a welcome shake-up in a domain long dominated by a single provider, Fullers360.

A New Voyage Begins

Island Direct, the brainchild of the Todds, residents of Waiheke for 15 years, and the Bourkes, a family steeped in the tradition of water taxi operation, aims to bring a reliable, timely, and cost-effective solution to the Auckland-Waiheke route. The new operator plans to offer up to 18 trips a day, with fares nearly half the price of the existing Fullers ferries. The firm is also in talks with Auckland Transport for the integration of Hop Cards and Gold Cards, further amplifying its accessibility and affordability.

Making Waves

The introduction of Island Direct is a breath of fresh air for ferry commuters, who have long grappled with the lackluster service and high fares of the incumbent Fullers360. The returning fare offered by Island Direct is projected to be $50, a stark contrast to Fullers360’s pre-booked return trip fare of $95. This new player, with its strategic pricing and strong local ties, is set to attract not only the local community but also travelers with tight schedules and appointments in town.

The Winds of Change

Auckland Council transport committee chairperson, John Watson, regards the advent of Island Direct as a positive development. He asserts that competition on the ferry route is not only beneficial for Waiheke Island but also for the entire Auckland ferry network. Watson believes that competent operators like Island Direct will draw more passengers by offering an alternative and running a reliable service.

The introduction of Island Direct will also exert pressure on Fullers360 to reevaluate its pricing and service reliability. With a more affordable alternative now in the offing, commuters and travelers may opt for Island Direct, potentially leading to a loss of customers for Fullers360. Despite this, Fullers360 CEO Mike Horne remains optimistic, stating that both operators can coexist as they offer different products and services.

Ultimately, the advent of Island Direct is a beacon of hope for commuters and travelers. It is a testament to the potency of competition, and its potential to drive innovation and improve service quality. As the new operator prepares to embark on its maiden voyage next month, all eyes are on the horizon, waiting to see how Fullers360 will navigate these changing tides.

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