December 8, 2023

Get Your Kids Race-Ready With 2024 Husqvarna TC Minicycles

Get Your Kids Race-Ready With 2024 Husqvarna TC Minicycles

Husqvarna offers three choices for youngsters, the TC 50, TC 65, and TC 85.

A while ago, KTM released the 50 and 65 SX mini-crossers for young riders. Not long after, its sister company, Husqvarna, did the same by unveiling its own versions of kid-focused off-road machines in the form of the TC series. Husqvarna’s kid-focused machines are offered in both 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc variations, and provide a lot of adjustability to account for young riders’ skills development.

Starting off with the TC 50, the smallest, most approachable minicycle makes use of technology derived from full-size motocross machines, giving youngsters a head start when it comes to their equipment. On top of that, Husqvarna says that the TC 50’s design is meant to grow with the riders, so it gets fully adjustable bodywork, suspension, and handlebars. Like all other models in Husqvarna’s model range, the TC 50 is equipped with premium WP suspension hardware that features adjustability to account for young riders’ preferences.

Up next, the TC 65 takes performance up a notch by featuring a more performance-oriented engine for more advanced riding. It gets similarly adjustable options as that of the TC 50, as well as a new and compact WP suspension system to improve balance and off-road performance. Both the TC 50 and TC 65 share updates to the engine such as new exhaust systems and updated jet settings for optimized performance. Furthermore, the bikes feature new bodywork that tie them in more closely to Husqvarna’s full-size motocrossers.

Last but not least is the TC 85, a transitory machine meant for young riders gearing up to upgrade to a full-size motocrosser. According to Husqvarna, the TC85 offers the “highest levels of performance, handling, and reliability.”

Of course, to accompany your youngster’s shiny new Husky machine, the brand also offers technical accessories and upgrades for the engine and chassis to improve safety and performance. There’s also the Husqvarna functional off-road apparel collection ensuring the little ones stay safe out on track while looking dapper and race-ready. Husqvarna’s 2024 minicycle collection, as well as the accessories and apparel ranges are already available from authorized Husqvarna dealers. That said, availability may vary per region, so it’s best to get in contact with your local Husqvarna dealer for more information.

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Source: Husqvarna

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