December 11, 2023

Watch: Video emerges of frantic burnout blast in Waterview Tunnel, passenger hangs out window during donut

At one point a passenger hangs out the window while the car swirls and skids.

Shocking video has emerged of boy racers doing burnouts in the Waterview Tunnel, with one passenger hanging out the window while smoke gushes from the tyres.    

It’s behaviour police dubbed “idiotic” on Tuesday after they revealed five people had been slapped with fines following the early morning burnout blast on October 5.    

A 20-year-old man is due to appear in the Auckland District Court on Thursday charged with operating a motor vehicle causing sustained loss of traction.    

Auckland motorway manager Senior Sergeant Scott Cunningham said all five individuals received infringements and the vehicle was impounded.    

Newshub understands the video to be of the burnouts in Waterview Tunnel police revealed information about on Tuesday, though when approached, police would not confirm this. 

Video of the burnout session shows the “idiotic” behaviour on full display, beginning with a person pushing the vehicle from behind before it boosts off, skidding partly down the tunnel.    

As the skids ramp up, so to does the reckless driving.    

On multiple occasions the driver appears very close to hitting the walls of the tunnel while they donut around in circles, leaving skid marks and smoke behind them.      

As the skids get more frantic a passenger of the vehicle pops up out of the window, appearing to be exhilarated by the use of the accelerator and break.    

The smoke billowing from the tyres appears to excite the people outside the vehicle more – one person can be seen slapping the rear end of the vehicle a couple of times as it skids past them.   

Watch the video above for more.   

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