December 10, 2023

Spy: Toni Street celebrates her 40th birthday with star-studded 90s themed party

Toni Street and Laura McGoldrick pictured at Street's 40th birthday party. Photo / Instagram - @lauramcgoldrick13

Coast radio host Toni Street took guests sky-high as she welcomed them last weekend as a 90s flight attendant at her 40th birthday bash.

Husband Matt France was dressed as The Hoff from Baywatch and colleagues past and present wowed with their take on the decade.

TVNZ’s Renee Wright arrived as Shania Twain and The Hits’ Laura McGoldrick was Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, while Street’s Coast Breakfast co-host Jason Reeves was The Mask and Sam Wallace and wife Sarah were rollerblading Ken and Barbie.

McGoldrick and Reeves had competitive costume double-ups with guests, which both handled with aplomb. Street tells Spy that Reeves initially arrived wearing a green mask, in which no one recognised him, so her friend Matt Bruce, who also arrived as Jim Carrey’s character, took Reeves into the bathroom and painted his face green.

Among Street’s favourite ensembles were Mrs. Doubtfire, The Spice Girls and Pennywise from the movie IT.

“My friend Carmelo was Pennywise, he was quite terrifying, he went to a lot of effort to look super creepy and never dropped his balloon,” says Street.

“Each of my mates really suited their characters as The Spice Girls, especially Ginger Spice aka Anita Sherry – she would give Geri Halliwell a run for her money, she’s such a firecracker,” she says.

Street was disappointed her former Breakfast co-host Rawdon Christie got Covid the day before and couldn’t make it. Nadia Lim was also expected, but she and husband Carlos Bagrie couldn’t steal away from their farm commitments.

The celebration with friends and family took place at The Officer’s Mess in Narrow Neck, a gorgeous venue overlooking Narrow Neck Beach and Rangitoto.

“Balloonmania did a beautiful light up ‘40′ with a massive balloon garland and we served Batched espresso martinis and gin sours,” says Street.

At 40, Street says she is absolutely living her best life, citing her wonderful friends and family and adding that her children are happy – and she kindly offered a dash of wisdom now she has hit the milestone.

“Invest your time and energy into people that truly love and support you – they are the gems in life and will constantly make your life better,” says Street.

The festivities continue, with Christmas now fully in the broadcaster’s sights for her popular podcast We Need to Talk.

This week her first festive show dropped, during which she shares her tips on how to make the lead-up to and anticipation of Christmas truly magical, from decorating and focusing on family rather than perfection, to recipes and easy gift ideas.

“The gift guide truly caters for every type of person and is a massive time saver,” she says.

To make the Christmas season extra special via Coast on iHeartRadio, Street has carefully curated a playlist called “Festive Feels”, launching soon.

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